Instinctive Touch Therapeutic Massage
'Massage...the power to heal yourself.'


Some of the things my clients say...


"If you have been putting off making an appointment for massage with Dianna, I recommend you call her today.  I still feel fantastic and my massage was a few days ago.  Dianna is a professional and offers the most comfortable environment.  When I feel stress creeping in I take a few breaths, close my eyes and imagine the relaxation of her massage."  Mary, 48, health club owner


"I have been a client of Dianna's for 10 years now. I started seeing her to get relief from migraine headaches.  I continued seeing her to manage the toll that stress takes on my body.  I see her for more than that.  Every hour that I spend with Dianna soothes me physically, mentally and spiritually. Her warm presence invites a person to let go of their stresses and worries. An hour with Dianna fills me with the strength and confidence to go out and take what life throws your way."  Caryn, teacher, 44


"Very recently, I was having major back problems.  I mean I couldn't even walk and it was a Monday (which Dianna doesn't usually work).  I called Dianna and she came in on her day off to see if she could help with the pain. If it weren't forDianna I wouldn't have made it through the rest of my work day.  Diana not only heals your body with massage, she also heals your mind and spirit too.  Dianna is more than just my massge therapist, she is my friend!   Jami, college educator, 38


"Getting a massage is usually a pleasant experience, but getting one from Dianna is pure magic.  You feel so much better physically and mentally.  It is a very special part of my life. Thank you, Dianna."                                             Paul, business owner,84


“Dianna has hands that are magic.  I had never received a massage before and was a bit apprehensive.  I needed one so I went to Dianna and now I want to go all of the time.  It relaxes me so much that I don’t want to get off of the table.  She knows just how to help your problem.  The area was so traumatized that it could not be touched but I was able to feel the heat from her hands.  I was amazed and felt better with just that type of therapy.  I love foot massage the most for just relaxing.  I guess you could say I’m addicted to Dianna’s hands and very happy I went the first time.  It’s like chocolate, once you have one, you can’t stop, you have to have more.”         Betty, Interior Designer, 72


“I have been scheduling monthly massage appointments with Dianna for about 3 years I believe. It is one of the best decisions I have made. I need and deserve 60 minutes of therapeutic massage each month.

I have found that women deprive themselves while making sure everyone else gets whatever they need. When I decided I needed massage to help keep me physically and emotionally energized I was actually able to do more for myself and others.

In this terrible financial crisis we have had to cut back on several areas that weren't necessities. However, my monthly massage is not a "splurge", for my well being as it is a necessity.”      Sheree, Associate Director Admissions, 53