Instinctive Touch Therapeutic Massage
'Massage...the power to heal yourself.'

Services and Rates...

Back, Neck, & Shoulder Massage 
This treatment is an introduction to massage.  It focuses specifically on the back, neck, and shoulders and uses a variety of techniques.  

30 minutes/$40                           

Hand & Foot Massage
This massage focuses on different zones of the feet that effect the levels of stress, wellness, and energy in the body.  This both soothes and energizes the body. 

30 minutes/$40

Therapeutic Massage
This massage is a classic full-body treatment to enhance circulation, relieve tension, and soothe aching muscles.  Various massage techniques are utilized for a total feeling of well-being. 

30/60/90 minutes    $40/$60/$90

Hot Stone Massage 
Enjoy a relaxing massage combined with deep heat therapy.  This massage incorporates heated, naturally-smooth basalt stones with traditional massage techniques to help loosen tight muscles, promote circulation, relieve stress, and ease everyday tensions.  Note:  Hot stone not recommended during pregnancy.   

90 minutes/$100

Myofascial Release/Trigger Point/Deep Tissue Massage
These three therapies are especially effective in helping the body release trigger points and muscle tension.  Various techniques are used in a therapeutic fashion.

 60/90 minutes  $75/$100


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